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March 23, 2022

Hello, Friends* and Welcome to the C+ZC Blog!

*extra credit if you read that in Jim Nantz’s voice.

As a former English major and, um, someone who writes for a living, it’s really quite impressive I’ve lasted this long without putting more words out onto the internet. I’ve actually been wanting to launch an editing blog for the past, ohhhh let’s just say it’s been a handful of years. But before I committed to yet another responsibility, I wanted to ensure the vision was clear—that it would have a specific purpose, and wouldn’t be just another pretty space.

So, before diving into the regularly scheduled, highly beneficial, and totally premium content I’ve got planned for this space (low expectations? never heard of ’em), let’s talk about what you’ll find here.

Weekly posts on a range of topics, including:

Writing + editing advice for every stage of the process. I’ve been doing this for a decade, and I’ve picked up a few things along the way. I’m looking forward to dropping some knowledge you can use no matter which stage you’re in.

Author spotlights. I have the privilege of working with awesome people who are fantastic at what they do and have great ideas to share. These posts will showcase their book, the work they do beyond the writing desk, and the super-compelling insights that have stuck with me even though I finished working on their manuscript months ago. It’s like a book report you’ll actually want to read!

Command+Z Content-related news, launches, service details, and more. I’ll let you guys know what’s going on behind the scenes here and keep you up-to-date on some of the exciting stuff I’ve got planned.

Things I think are neat. I mean… it’s my blog, so I’m going to share the cool stuff I find. Trust me, I’d be doing this if we were hanging out in person too.

Meet the editor. Yep, sometimes it’ll get a little personal around here. I’ll warn you in advance, promise.

I can’t wait to invite you into my workspace (or happy hour) on a regular basis. Thanks for sharing the space with me!

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