Good editing is the difference between an okay book and a great one.

I can help you (re)shape your words with collaborative editing, nip/tuck strategy sessions, editorial roadmaps, hands-on coworking, and everything in between.

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Here's How I Can Help

The Collaborative Edit

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Ongoing collaboration that includes weekly coworking sessions, where we tackle your pages together in real-time, and daily check-ins to build momentum and spare you from dead-ends. The Collaborative Edit is a mix of editorial direction and project guidance to keep you on task and help you make huge strides in your book's progress.

The Developmental Edit

Get a revision roadmap

A thorough big-picture assessment that includes extensive in-line feedback and suggestions. I'll touch on everything from your structure/organization (my wheelhouse) to the content tweaks, additions, or subtractions necessary to make every paragraph flow, stay focused, and do more than just deliver on your reader’s expectations.

The Manuscript Review

Get attention where it matters most

Sometimes all you need is a fresh pair of unbiased eyes, strategic direction, and workable advice. I'll review your manuscript or outline, then meet with you over Zoom to discuss your idea, delve into your structure, or assess your book at large. We'll make the most of our 90 minutes so you know where you need to focus, and what you should do next.

The Editorial Polish

Get your manuscript clean and shiny

Not every manuscript needs to be torn apart and put back together again. Some only need to be trimmed, scrubbed, and polished—this is what the Editorial Polish is designed to accomplish. I’ll correct errors and make every conceivable change to word choice, tone, and style to make your writing shine.

What if I don't know what I need?

That's totally fine! If you’re feeling torn between two services or unsure of which would be the best fit, I'm happy to discuss your project with you and offer up a few potential approaches. Reach out using the contact form, and I’ll take it from there.

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“Going it alone is the worst possible choice. You'll either create something that barely scratches its true potential or never do it.”

— Tommy Baker

entrepreneur and author of Hustlers & Seekers: How To Crush It And Find Fulfillment Without Losing Your Mind

So, What Happens Next?


The first thing to do is reach out to me by filling out the contact form and telling me a bit more about you and your book.


Next, we'll connect via email or Zoom, and I'll suggest the potential pathways that make the most sense for your manuscript.


Pick the service that makes you say hell yes, pick your start date, and we're off to the races. 

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My approach

Every manuscript is unique, and there's no such thing as a one-size-fits-all editing approach. Or at least there shouldn't be. So my process never looks the same way twice. Instead, my work is guided by where I see issues and opportunities in your writing. Maybe it's your book's structure that needs attention, or a chapter needs reworking to make it easier to understand. Maybe we need to enliven your writing so that your reader won't want to tear themselves away. Seeing where the work takes us is half the fun.

Are you ready?

No, I'm really asking. If you're not sure when the 'right' time to reach out might be, the answer is probably... NOW. I work with authors at all stages of the writing process, from early concepts to final once-overs. If you've got words on the page, I can help.

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Here's What sets Command+Z apart


I will never point out a problem without showing you how to fix it.

You can bet that the advice you get from me will be specific, useful, and most importantly, actionable. 


Your message comes first.
The rules come second.

My ego is not wrapped up in my edits. Want to know why? It's not my book—it's yours. I'll give you suggestions, advice, and ideas but the final say belongs to you. 


I'll poke into every corner of your manuscript.

My scope of work will be defined by the service you choose, but within those boundaries, I will take carte blanche to examine every facet of your manuscript. Everything from structure to color to marketing ideas—if I spot a way to make your book better, you can bet I'll be telling you allll about it.


Your book will strategically align with and support your work.

Remember! Your book has a job to do. And uncovering the hidden opportunities to put your writing in service of your larger goals one of the best parts of working together. I'll help you tell your stories, flex your expertise, and make sure your book and your brand talk nicely to one another.


We'll have a good time.
(No, really.)

I love the relationship-building side of my job as much as the book editing side, and that collaborative connection is what truly sets Command+Z apart. And I'm not just saying that—approximately 70% of my business is repeat clients. Authors come to me grappling with their first book and then they become multi-book authors. When I say I'm in your corner, I mean it.

“Never, not once did I feel like just another client to Ann. She’s superb at sitting on the same side of the writer’s desk with her authors. She became my team, my co-worker, my teacher, coach and advisor.”

— Jay Alders

Can't wait to get started? Same here.

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