The Manuscript Review


It’s nearly impossible to see the big picture when you’ve been neck-deep in your writing for weeks, months, or even years. And few things feel more dejecting than to be handed a laundry list of issues without any solutions. I’d never do that to you.

The Manuscript Review is an in-depth assessment of your book. I'll read through your manuscript cover-to-cover and give you feedback on everything from narrative, structure, consistency, color—and anything else that needs attention. You'll receive a written assessment that's equal parts field guide and roadmap, a mix of explanation and workable advice.

I won’t just point out what’s not working; I'll help you devise exactly how to fix it.

We'll then meet to talk everything through so you walk away with clarity and action plan.

“Ann is a master at getting you to see how much potential you have and how much better your work could be.”

It makes you feel great about making changes, like you're really excited to level up and make progress not just with your current project, but as a writer.

— Justin Gosnell





The Manuscript Review can be useful at any stage of the writing process.

Especially at the beginning stages when you're looking for directional guidance and in the almost-final stages when you just want one final opinion.

Let's talk process

How the Manuscript Review Works

Command+Z's clientele spans industries; whatever your wheelhouse, I'll offer you guidance and actionable advice to elevate your book to its highest potential. While our process will be tailored to you and your book, here’s what you can expect from our time together.


We’ll start with a project kick-off session. We’ll talk about your goals and ideas, and any specific areas where you want me to give extra attention. I’ll also ask you questions to better understand your business. Once I’ve got a solid grasp of your work, it’s time to read.

Deep Dive

I’ll do two editorial passes of your manuscript. The first will be as a reader; I’ll experience your writing just like your reader would and flag anywhere I feel confused, bored, or let down. (Hey, it happens!) Then I’ll begin again, this time as your editor.I’ll dig into every nook and cranny of your manuscript, noting the opportunities to improve your book and suggestions for how to do so in a thorough written assessment.


Once I return your assessment to you, I’ll give you a few days to review my suggestions. Then you and I will then hash it all out in a 60-minute strategy session.
We’ll cram as much as possible into our time together to make sure you leave with advice you can use. And you’ll get a recording of our session—no frantic note-taking required.


After our call, you’ll get 30 days of email support. Got follow-up questions? Want me to look over a reworked chapter? Ask away!

Three Steps to Booked


The first thing to do is reach out to me by filling out the contact form and telling me a bit more about you and your book.


Next, we'll connect via email or Zoom, and talk about you, your manuscript, and whether the Developmental Edit is the best fit for your needs.


Choose your start date, pay the initial deposit to lock it down, and send me everything you've got. Then it's off to the races.

“Working with Ann helped me overcome resistance and turn the misery into magic.”

If you want to get clear on the most pressing changes you can make for the biggest impact on your manuscript, Ann is the person you need to call.

— Jonas Altman

Let's go

Get the 35,000-foot view.

Reach out and let's talk about your book.

Still on the fence? I completely understand, and I'm happy to talk through the Manuscript Review in depth with you to see if it's the right path for your book.