The Collaborative Edit

Collaboration, accountability, consistency

Editorial guidance to help you make huge strides in your book's progress

Without burning your time and energy running down dead ends. 

Things can get real sticky real fast when it’s just you and an empty page. And let’s face it: writing can be a really, really lonely process. (Speaking from experience on that one.) So, whether you’re blocked, wedged, tripped up, or holding a bag of words and wondering how it turns into a book, I'm your Huckleberry.

The Collaborative Edit is unlike any editing service you'll find elsewhere. It is an ongoing collaboration that includes weekly coworking sessions and daily check-ins for added accountability and support. I'm not your ghostwriter; I'm the angel on your shoulder steering you down the right path Monday through Friday. (What you do on the weekends is your business.) 

"I loved having a partner in the process."

Ann has a very clear vision and is an amazing force that inspired me forward. She asked great questions and she gave me tremendous confidence in what we were doing. together within the editing process.

— Jen Nash


Editorial Feedback on all your writing

coworking sessions

Daily momentum Check-ins

"Ann provided just the right blend of clarity, coaching and cheerleading."

I now can see the finish line to what will be one of my biggest accomplishments.

— Bill Burke

Developmental editing develops the book. The Collaborative Edit develops the writer and the book.

You'll become a better writer faster—and the mistakes you make Monday won't be mistakes you make Friday as we increase the efficiency of your writing time. All my clients are entrepreneurs, which means they're not getting paid to write. I'll bet that's true for you, too. Your time is precious and The Collaborative Edit makes the most of it. Imagine if what you wrote the first time worked instead of it needing to be worked over and over again.

Let's talk process

How the Collaborative Edit Works

Command+Z's clientele spans industries; whatever your wheelhouse, I'll offer you guidance and actionable advice to elevate your book to its highest potential. While our process will be tailored to you and your book, here’s what you can expect from our time together.



Our work begins with a thorough review of your manuscript, notes, and other materials. I'll analyze what’s working, what’s not, and where can you improve. During our project kick-off session, we'll talk about your goals and ideas, and your book's problem spots. I'll also ask you questions to better understand your business. From the information we gather in this session, I’ll put together our plan of attack for the weeks to come.



With your manuscript's areas of improvement identified, it’s time to get your content (re)written and organized. I'll mark out where you need to write, elaborate on, or rework the concepts you're sharing with your readers. While you write, I'll turn my attention to your book's structure and organization. By the end of this phase, we'll have the content we need and it'll be in the right place.

Strengthen +


Then we get into the editorial nitty gritty, poking at your arguments to find where and how we can strengthen them. We'll also work on clarifying your writing so it doesn't leave your readers scratching their heads, wondering, "wait, what?" The goal of this stage is to make your message crystal-clear, resonant, and shareable.



Together, we’ll complete multiple rounds of revisions to refine your writing, polish your content and make sure that each paragraph reads true to you—meaning it says what you want to say the way you want to say it... only better.

Choose the path that works for you:

Three Months

60-minute kickoff strategy session

24 Coworking sessions (2/week)

daily Editorial feedback

option to add additional months at a reduced rate


One Month 





Three Steps to Booked


The first thing to do is reach out to me by filling out the contact form and telling me a bit more about you and your book.


Next, we'll connect via email or Zoom, and talk about you, your manuscript, and whether the Collaborative Edit is the best fit for your needs.


Choose your start date, pay the initial deposit to lock it down, and send me everything you've got. Then it's off to the races.


You had me at "Collaborative."

Ready to collab? Awesome! Reach out and let's talk about your book.

Still on the fence? I completely understand, and I'm happy to talk through the Collaborative Edit in depth with you to see if it's the right path for you.